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Paper stickers printing process overview

Paper stickers printing technology and processing method--discussion on printing of self-adhesive labels and their processing methods, we need to know what is the printing of self-adhesive labels, what's the difference compared with the traditional label printing. Self-adhesive labels are also called self-adhesive labels, stickers, sticky, pressure-sensitive paper, in paper, film or special materials for fabrics, coated with adhesive on the back, with Silicon protective paper as the paper at the end of a composite material, and printing and processing into finished products such as die-cut labels. Applications only from the end of the paper strips, the touch of a button, you can stick to the surface of various substrates, labeling machines can also be used in the production line automatic labeling.
    in self-adhesive labels printing process at the same time, we must also know as printed self-adhesive material of the basic structures and functions of each part. Structure of adhesive material from the surface is made up of three parts, namely, surface materials, adhesives and backing sheet, but from the perspective of manufacturing processes and quality assurance analysis, self-adhesive material consists of seven parts:
    is used to change surface coating material surface properties. Such as improving the surface tension, change color, increased protective layer, making it better able to accept ink and printer-friendly, to prevent smudgy, increase ink adhesion and prevent shedding the purpose of printing graphics and text. Surface coating is mainly used for non-absorbent materials, such as aluminum foil, metallized paper and a variety of film materials.
    the surface material, is positively accept printed graphic, accepted adhesive on the back and eventually applied to the pasted material. Generally speaking, deformation of flexible adhesive material can be used as material, such as paper, film, composite foils, various kinds of fabrics, thin pieces of metal and rubber, and so on. Type depending on the final application of surface material and printing process. Material to be able to adapt to the printing and printing, has good ink, and have sufficient strength to be able to accept a variety of processing, such as die-cutting, exhaust, slitting, punching and labeling.
    3, Prime
    the same as surface coating, is just a coating on the back of the surface material, Prime's main objective is:
    (1) protected material, and prevent the infiltration of adhesives.
    (2) to increase the fabric's opacity;
    (3) increase the adhesive with adhesion between the surfaces;
    (4) prevent the infiltration of the plasticizers in plastic material adhesives, effect of its adhesive properties, led to lower label adhesion, labels fall off.
    adhesive label materials and bonded substrate between the media, played a linking role. According to its characteristics can be divided into a permanent and remove both. It has a variety of recipes for different material and different occasions. Adhesive self-adhesive materials technology is the most important ingredient is the key to label application.
    5, release coated (coated),
    at the end of paper surface coating of Silicon oil, coating of silicone oil surface tension allows the backing sheet is very low, very smooth surface, is to prevent adhesive bond at the end of the paper.
    6, paper
    end of paper are to release coating, protecting surface material adhesive on the back of support material, so that it can be die-cut, waste and label on the labeling machine.
    7, back coating or background printing
    back coating is on the back of the paper at the end of a protective coating to prevent waste, volume labels on adhesive bonding of paper around. Another role is to manufacture multilayer labels. Back print is printed on the back of the paper at the end of the manufacturer's registered trademark or patterns play a role in propaganda and anti-counterfeiting.
    now, we introduce the paper adhesive label printing process: processing
    1, printing different types of materials, labels for different purposes, by using a different process. Label printer for multifunction device, processing according to customer's request for printing processes. Self-adhesive labels printing process is as follows:
    (1) on the volume
    a batch: reel unwinding tension when changing, so does not need to be adjusted. Application in the flat, on the round label machine, unwinding speed. Due to the calibration of such equipment-paper location device, requires Web face clean, ensuring accurate overprint when printing.
    b continuous: in round transition Rotary labeling machine. When roll paper diameter speed changes, tension changes in paper, this device has a tension mechanism of automatic or manual control, as well as Web deviation correction device in order to ensure a smooth paper, ensure print quality.
    (2) stamping
    flat: the round flat, flat label machines, speed is low.
    Rotary: Rotary label printing machine, high speed, continuous hot, seldom, generally using printing technology instead of gilding.
    flat printing: suitable for small, simple pattern printing, such as price labels, barcodes and so on.
    round flat: suitable for a field, the general pattern of label printing, simple color halftone printing.
    Rotary-suitable for all types of patterns of label printing, particularly suitable for high-quality color halftone printing of labels.
    UV printing: printed in the above three ways, with UV drying, adhesive printing film.
    (4), bronzing, before they are printed on
    in the absence of UV drying equipment, the use of ordinary ink, the drawback is printing patterns design limited.
    (5) first printing, stamping
    in UV drying device after device, fast drying ink on the ink after stamping, stamping patterns of any design, without the limitation of ink, apply high quality label printing, is an advanced production technology.
    (6) on-site glazing glazing
   : in the ink surface coated with a layer of varnish, intended to protect the ink layer, moisture-proof, waterproof and increase surface luster, can replace the laminating process, using UV drying methods.
    (7) on paper or film material Fumo
    film, aim to protect the ink, waterproof, moisture-proof, increase label strength, increasing pattern of icing. Laminating laminating can be divided into bottom of paper and non-paper laminating, low cost due to the latter, now commonly used. According to requirement and compound transparent film and Matt film two, the former is the more common applications.
    (8) punch
    is not widely used, mainly for the computer printed labels. Requirement is that the label positioning drive holes in both sides, applied or labeler label requirements in the middle of label punch, for positioning and drive.
    (9) die-cut
    sticker die-cut-cut through technology, which only cut through the surface material while retaining the backing sheet. Is divided into two ways:
    such as die-cutting, suitable for all types of label printing machines, artificial plate and low cost, plate-making cycle is short, but has low viscosity, for a short version of the live print processing. Currently the label factory-level with almost all ways. Another round-die-cutting, Rotary label on the device, speed, die-cut high viscosity, for long live version, disadvantage is the sedan cost, cycle length. Currently the manufacturer of die-cut rolls are generally processed in a foreign country.
    (10) delivery
    can be divided into cut paper and folding paper.
    2, paper adhesive label processing method of
    (1) sheet
    self-adhesive material of this kind in print, offset, 95%, embossed 2%, silk 2%, computer and print 1%. Sheet-fed self-adhesive labels printing of print and the same, each procedure done at a single, low productivity, high cost of consumption, but the print quality is good. Using the offset printing process, four-colour process printing of the labels the quality is much better than similar products. But because of the sheet-fed printing of self-adhesive products in the form of a single sheet of paper, unable to roll, so only manual labeling of such products, cannot be automatic labeling on automatic labeling machines. Sheet-fed printing sticker color print suitable for large areas. Such as posters, posters, large areas of tags, such as and not limited to label products. Can say sheet sticker printing is an important part of sticker printing.
    (2), Web
    Web class in the printing of self-adhesive materials, now embossed 97%, silk 1%, offset printing, 1% Conference 1%. As a result of Web printing process, all operations are done on one machine, high production efficiency, low consumption, and low cost. Our label printing machine is letterpress printed form, less features, suitable for printing simple colour block, line the labels of these patterns, than in print quality sheet-fed offset printing labels. But using Web processing label rewinding in rolls and can be used in automatic labeling machine, bar code printers, scales and other equipment, automated production. Web printing stickers printed on the sticker is currently the world's mainstream. BACK