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Effects of pre-press on quality

Color newspapers, paper industry, more and more people begin to realize that: improve the quality of pre-press is the key to improve the print quality. Newspaper publishing is a complete system, controlling print quality must be good quality newspapers published during each process, from editing editing to printing and publishing needs for co-operation and close coordination, coherence, better to do all the work, will have to ensure the quality of the final product.   Based on the particularity of the newspaper printing about effects of pre-press on newspaper quality.
     , editor of creative
some editors in the newspapers when they edit according to their own aesthetics, added some high-level printing commercial printing such as editing creative, editorial and creative creative information is not adapted to the newspaper printing conditions, bringing quality to print. For example, the fine lines of empowerment of multi-color printing information, increase the difficulty of printing and overprinting; creative hollow words on the blocks on the ground, appears after the print readers cannot read the information contained, and so on; so often gives them the design of newspaper layout in printed and designed to produce a large gap.
newspaper want businesses to do color ads, businesses also want to use various forms of advertising to draw the reader's attention in order to achieve the effect of promotional products. However, advertiser and merchant's business process particularities lack understanding of the newspaper printing, commercial printing and other high level of printing methods to design creative, creative ads with too many complex designs and even multicolor printing all captions give information. Such as newspaper printing of print accuracy up to creative effect, in front of the reader or reading comfort and get more attention so that advertising did not achieve the desired results.
according to the characteristics of newspaper printing equipment, editing personnel should be aware of a fundamental principle: the more concise the better, particularly small font text and lines to reduce the multi-color printing ideas to improve printing printing impressions. Do not save pictures in picture editing independent coordinate zoom in or out of ideas so that you can eliminate the Emboss distortion of the picture.
Second, prepress
printing print quality problems, almost all have such a consensus: "printing plate of seven three-point", we can see that importance of prepress and printing. With the progress of science and technology, complex picture has appeared in the newspapers is not a technical problem, and newspapers are constantly innovating, layout is more complex, with the business of printing forms, but the production time is much shorter than the original, and much higher print quality than the original request. Driven by quality and timeliness, and lots of newspaper management is fully aware of the urgency of improving the quality of prepress.
analysis of newspapers in recent years quality of information, newspaper quality there are a few problems: the permeability of the picture overprints not higher, printing uneven ink, large white and color deviation in the field, and so on. These print quality problems are related to pre-press.
scan color dominates a color picture color and tone clarity three indicators, so printing process system separations in research plays a key role in improving the print quality, with the progress of scanning color separation technology, some cannot carry out precision color printing printing copies of high quality prints. Electric carving in the 1990 of the 20th century computer technology breakthroughs made gravure printing already occupy a dominant position in high-end label printing. Technological advances in computer color flexo printing and more involved in the printing field, and has been adopted by some newspaper printing enterprises. However, the newspaper printing has been considered to be lower-precision printing in the print, in applying the theory was borrowed from other high-precision printing of applied theory, which constrains the overall improvement of the quality of the newspaper. National Newspaper Association has now started development of newspaper printing industry standards, the promotion of improved quality of newspapers will have a great promotion.
offset of newspaper printing enterprises are widely adopted, due to its equipment and printed materials are printed with less precision printing, has its own characteristics. For example: the printing of the newspaper was to print, emphasizes the ink coverage, at the time of separation of background removal, according to the traditional color printing operations, definition is not guaranteed. Other newspapers of the paper used coarser, large printing pressure, ink to penetrate dry, and so on, in prepress production would have to be taken into account.
prepress is another important process of plate production. Plate is the basis for printing, printing plate production is bad, will bring down the rate of resistance, graphic ink performance, large white graphic, color pictures, color, and so on, here is the operator's responsibility, technology issues, and printing quality problems. Traditional printing plate-making, the main causes of these problems BACK