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Printing quality requirement for inks

Improving the quality of offset printing products, in addition to the high quality of raw materials such as paper, PS plate, electronic four-color color color accurate reproduction, partial color, PS version of the plate master plate exposure time. Developer concentration and temperature, color, bi-color, four color offset printing masters just adjust the amount of ink to achieve balance, accurate colors, overprints accurately and halftoning reproduce perfect, dot print smooth other than clear, the overall effect is good, the physical and chemical properties of ink is to determine the condition of quality of printing products. Only suitable for high quality ink printability, on smooth white paper print out colorful worlds.
offset printing ink resin is light and quick-drying inks, is made from pigment, Binder, Adaptive regulator, drying agents, improving printing results used to adjust agent.
color are made up of organic and inorganic pigments.
1. To ink to color, and according to the amount of how much ink concentration. 2. Give ink to thick, and other physical properties. 3. Maximize the ink has strong durability. 4. To a certain extent, affect ink drying, oxidation of conjunctival drying is the most significant.
ink binders:
1. Give ink to a certain viscosity, viscosity, fluidity and thixotropy. 2. Decide type of ink drying and drying rate. 3. Decided to ink gloss and abrasion resistance, firmness, and so on. Working with print
people know that different printing method you want to use different ink because they used printing plates and printing materials, ink attachment substrate different, so need different putting it in ink. For example: offset and gravure inks that are used, because they are two totally different printing methods, Ink viscosity and yield stress is also required are not the same. However, a variety of ink what's the difference? Is on the ink binders. Therefore different ways of printing inks for mobile performance, dry performance is different. Printed need to penetrate dry offset inks require conjunctival oxide dry, plastic printing you need to dry and volatile oxide conjunctival dryness, because plastic printing cannot penetrate dry, plastic does not absorb ink, the three ink colors are consistent, on the difference in ink binders.
is mainly used for offset printing ink resin.
resin inks has the following features:
1. Ink fixing faster. 2. Quick drying. 3. Ink gloss is strong and bright. 4. Water resistance is strong. 5. Good printing performance.
-resin ink types:
① dissolution resin binders.
II-dispersed resin binders.
③ gum-resin binders.
II of volatile resin binders.
in the offset printing process-color offset press ink is dry-wet-folding printing, however, four-colour offset printing machine is wet wet printing. Four-colour printing is used when printing a color ink on paper or in a short time in wet conditions, and immediately contained on a different color of ink called "wet wet stack". Wet wet stack when printing ink viscosity, dryness, liquidity, adhesion, thixotropic properties, yield stress, such as ink color is good or bad depends on your performance.
support material on the ink ink usually join has the following effects:
① joined the desiccant has a strong drying effect on ink, usually add drying oil content 17%, use desiccants are used when matching to prevent conjunctival. Ink drying oil content does not exceed 2%, excessive easily crystallized, more second than first place more low temperatures in winter than summer.
II added after inking oil increases liquidity of the ink, and brush, but reduces the concentration of inks, viscosity, ink drying is also reduced.
③ viscosity decrease the viscosity of the ink, and also increase the ink and plastic.
II Add dilution dilute the original ink to ink's requirements.
II Add brightness can increase the brightness of the ink.
offset ink are required to have the following features:
1. Higher transparency of the ink. Into a uniform film of ink coating requires inherit the background color of ink film material shows more clearly, the ink requires higher transparency. There are three colors of ink on paper forms:
① in the form of field and dot, dot, spot (100% network) selective absorption and reflection to the retrocession of the sun shade, and show color.
II of monochrome dots side by side and laminated performance: two independent outlets are parallel or overlapping on the paper color.
③ color dot side by side: the two colors of dots on paper overlapping display colors. Such as yellow and blue, two-colour overprint shows green hue.
2. Ink pigment particles require delicate. Especially the fine print album. Calendar, landscape and so on which require high precision print requires delicate ink particles, fine pigment particles in order to print out of print products.
3. Requires ink stain. Tinting the color of ink the strength or concentration of a quantity, for the same color ink, color depends on:
① pigment dispersion in binders. Dispersion of high tinting strength.
II depending on pigment content. Content higher tinting strength.
4. Offset printing ink of required optical characteristics. Request offset ink colors in the sunlight, lighting under the action of light, after light irradiation ink fade, discolor easily level as slowly as possible, after the outdoor advertising printing products weathered most likely to fade. Color is two colors, yellow, red, green, black color and the two colors fade relatively slow, solve two colors, yellow and red, fading or discolouring problems is critical to improving the quality of printing products.
5. Request offset printing ink and high efficiency. Efficiency is a comprehensive index of the ink color and gray-scale, offset printing inks require color hue to pure, no line, no noise.
6. The chemical characteristics of offset printing ink can be stable. Ink color in the presence of some chemical change, especially in acid, alkali, salt, antioxidant on pigments in the ink will play a certain chemical reactions, often prone to discolouration. Therefore, the required offset ink has good chemical stability. BACK