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How to improve the quality of ink print

With social and economic development, people's living standards improve, people are increasingly focused on perfection of product packaging. Corrugated packaging, with its unique function of goods packaging industry as a whole had a share is also growing, and corrugated container most key technology lies in ink printing. This article on how to use equipment improvements to improve quality of ink printed issues to talk about his experience. A white, print printed white   are the most common in the production of corrugated boxes and the most difficult to eliminate quality problems, its causes are: paper ink performance; plates dirty cardboard with some crumbs, dust, etc. Traditional approaches to address these issues is artificial change box, or increase the frequency of manual version. These methods will play a role in the objective, but the box has little effect, and cause inefficiency; version will result in a waste of water, electricity, artificial. After a long period of observation and analysis, that in the process of equipment installation, maintenance, management, address the key is printing white dust. Dust of main source is single points paper Shi produced of, based on this a situation, author two years Qian in cardboard line of computer crosscutting knife Hou and press of sent paper Department has installation has electrostatic sucking wind sucking dust device, in computer crosscutting knife Qian using hair dryer machine, will single tablets knife points paper Shi hidden Yu pit lines in the of about chip blow out or blow off, then in computer crosscutting knife Hou of received paper frame at using electrostatic sucking wind sucking dust device will confetti sucking go. Press paper feed paper feed apron and feed wheel clearance use electrostatic dust dust sucked on the Board, quality printing surfaces clean and free of dust, and under such conditions, when the Board into the rollers, ink on accessibility, and the ink evenly. After this improvement, product printing effects differently, and overcome the phenomenon of white dust caused by printing. Second, overprint packaging now increasingly aware of patterns of artistic, icing, so that consumers feel the perfection of items purchased on the outer packaging. For this purpose, packaging must be in the polychromatic printing, colour printing. In the printing process, often the same dislocation with a superposition or former position, which printed patterns do not reflect the product packaging design, or even different, completely destroyed the image of the product. For this special issue author's company over a period of time the scene investigation, mechanical tolerances for electronically controlled speed to reflect accuracy, detailed calculation is carried out, a number of improvements to existing equipment, and related equipment maintenance measures. Phase 1, to improve printing drum positioning precision of printing roller phase position encoder control in conjunction with counter if counter precision is too low, it will cause the encoder position is not accurate, print-and-go. Ju NIE ounter reflecting the speed of 3k, but 1mm errors in positioning, and Taiwan electronic companies, produce 5krcounter, narrowed to 0.4mm printing cylinder positioning error. 2, regular lubrication, detecting transmission machinery in the process of feeding, if transmission machinery cannot function to maintain good balance, will make every Board reached the position will change, resulting in a print and go, so the importance of proper maintenance and testing equipment. Can be powered on daily test run checklist before starting work, including lubrication and maintenance. Together with feed wheel and paper wear limit, you must turn to unqualified mill, plastic bag again, or replaced, overcome the Board walk, oblique, and so on. 3, the use of air suction paper printed on traditional presses, only the feed wheel shipping Board, under the new printing machine printing, advanced technology of air shipping on board. Suction feeding on the wind to transfer cardboard adsorbed on wheels, its uniform suction, do not go, not at an angle, which will bend the cardboard flat, level when printing, ink more uniform and more. Three ink, printing ink bad bad treatment in addition to paper and offset issues, on the device with rollers on the technical problem. On rollers using a roller, high standard carton printing, roller 250lpi above its mesh most likely clogged with ink residue, resulting in uneven ink, ink not ink, resulting in uneven ink, ink is not enough, black light, and so on. On the traditional method is to wash the black rollers, rollers on the water or detergent to scrub and other methods, the effect is not good, use a new ink roller on less than a month, better than ever before. Author's company through long-term exploration, testing, consider the following method can be used to effectively solve the printing ink on adverse effects. 1, add filters at ink tank, don't let the ink particles to the rollers. 2, regular (usually half) using a roller Exfoliating agents, loop clean up. 3, a day on a drop of water circulation when cleaning the rollers and 60 times ~100 times a magnifying glass on the dialysis mesh rollers, there shall be no ink residue residue, such as isolated remnants of ink residues, should immediately scrub Exfoliating agent used. Through the above maintenance, ink roller ink will keep us well. Those printed on cartons of product quality in production of technical problems in practice is essential, through the understanding and improvement of equipment and well maintained, can produce products to customer satisfaction, and improve the overall efficiency of enterprises. BACK