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Image digitization

In the process of digital scanning and processing of images, image processing system and image processing needs to require a detailed understanding of. , The necessary tools and software 1, scanner: when I select a scanner, be sure to the original type, the final image uses, and scanner scanner features: dynamic density range, scan size, resolution and ability to scan scan software and the transmission draft taking into account. 2, digital cameras: in choosing a digital camera, which can be used to record only static graphic images can be. Meanwhile, a more important issue is to consider the resolution of digital camera.
    3, copy machine: now there is a copying machine connected to your computer can also be used to image the digitization process. The role is played by the copy machine scanner.
    4, color management systems: at the time of image, if you have color management system helps, we can obtain vivid WYSIWYG effect. but the screen color gamut and display color gamut after all there is a difference, so pay attention to this.
    5, file format: file format, to consider what kind of file formats for post-processing and other software used.
    6, storage device: what is stored in the storage device. is to use a floppy disk, removable hard disk, tape, MO,CD-ROM,DVD or other storage form.
II, Image digitization and processing feature set in question 1, select way of converting from RGB color space to CMYK color space? Is in scan process in the directly conversion also is using image processing software for does? if using of is high-end of scanner or professional engaged in printing Qian development of company production of scanner, can using directly in scan process in the of color space conversion form; but for low-grade scanner of color conversion, best select good of figure as processing software for color conversion.
    and in RGB to CMYK conversion Shi, must to consider paper, and Ink and printing presses and printing features.
    2, how to set the scanning resolution is correct?
    image of scan resolution of set General has a calculation method: is using eventually printing added network of line number multiplied by figure as of zoom magnification, again multiplied by 1.5-2 Zhijian of a value of factor, proceeds of number on can do scan resolution using has.
    in on text and line for processing Shi, for avoid sawtooth, by set of resolution General far above image of scan resolution. , Big of line or text resolution in 600-1200dpi Zhijian.
    in set resolution Shi, also to note a principles: is if calculation of resolution over has scanner of maximum optical resolution, is only using maximum optical resolution scan for. If text or line figure as of resolution up not to requirements, so can using plug value of method give make up. but, continuous adjustable figure as only control figure as of zoom magnification, Mosaic effect may occur otherwise.
3, met a Duotone image what to do?
    4, the image size is correct?
    5, image conversion, such as: size, crop, rotate, change and photo combinations, best done in the image editing software. Otherwise it will output, affecting the output speed and memory usage.
    6, image compression?
    are generally used for printing the image is not compressed because the image compression will result in loss of image detail. But, in TIFF file storage Shi, can using a called LZW of lossless compression format, this compression not on figure as of details loss. However it also not advocates using. because, in added network or output process in the, may will appeared on this compression format of not support phenomenon, to is output appeared problem.
    7, and has order adjustable changes of image copy effect how?
    We can try to use the software image resize feature to modify the image, to meet the needs of printing effects. However, from the General extent, directly determines the output quality of the original quality. line
    8, look how it works?
    line, the most fundamental factor is the density and the quality of boundary definition problems. this directly affects the quality of copies of transfer effects. and also note that, as a line of image and text drafts resolution shall not be less than 600dpi.
    9, the clarity of the images is enough?
    scanner and digital equipment in the processing of images on the image has a softening effect, so image has been processed to the sharpening process. How the sharpening effect, the screen is not too easy to see. So, for a limited period of time to try and find out. There is a general method: the image on the screen is enlarged to twice times the effect, then observed after sharpening the image boundaries appear hard-edge effects. If the right hard results, General view definition emphasizes the right.
    10. Additional attention and consideration of the issues scan density dynamic range, you can capture more image details. So come when you scan images, should pay attention to the scanner's option. If you did not find a better quality scanner or your not sure about image quality, it's best to live to a special printing Center processes. When a device in the select storage images, make sure that compatibility with computer systems.
    with a color management system, live before the calibration of scanning equipment, screens and proofing devices. BACK