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A unique printing process – after scanning

At present, the scanning technology has been widely applied to cigarettes, alcohol, medicines, cosmetics and luxury food packaging and greeting cards, invitations, calendars and other products of the printing on, you make the added value of goods has been greatly improved.
     scanning through a special process, specified on the packaging or label print parts special metal powder to achieve metallic effects of process technology for the surface finishing of printed matter is. Using this scanning technology can be metal texture and sheen of good and fine patterns, set accurately.
     scanning principle, just need to sweep of the printings in monochrome or color on an offset printing press, in need of scanning the site with an exclusive PS version of the printed and coated with a layer of viscous gel and printings through the paper feed device into the scanning machine, brush with dust and polishing, wipe the gold to complete.   Compared with several other gold-like effect of processing technology, it in many ways, there are many advantages, namely, simple operation, high speed, low cost, both picture and text weight, size, have access to good effect. Scanning metal after sand and light diffuse reflection effect, metallic, giving visually obvious icing, unlike gold and gilt.   Sweep of rich color, but the most commonly used outside the Golden, silver, copper, green, graphite color, Brown, lemon yellow, peacock blue, and, more recently, in Europe and North America using a wide range of diamond powder and laser-like powder. These powders have different size, can display a wide variety of unique effects. Imitation gold gained due to scanning effect with gold, gilt and matte print is different, unique, not easy to imitate, so have certain security features.

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