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Identification of printing inks

Printing inks are mixed combined grinding of pigments and additives, so it can be from the following methods to identify:
1. Color color: carefully observe the printing color is correct and clear and lustrous.
2. Texture: relief, intaglio prints very strong texture, brighter colors, may be directly touch its surface is convex and concave feel, flat printing is embodied in the image than the average, the image lighter.
3. Water resistance: according to the different print products. Optional water resistance of printed inks, such as some valuable card (coupon) to prevent liquid such as water, alcohol, tampering with the coupon, use water soluble inks, making it difficult to achieve the goal.
4. Light resistance: using intense ultraviolet and solar radiation after a certain time, bad ink faded.
5. Abrasion resistance: according to the different print products, wear resistance strong printing ink is often used to prevent alteration.
6. Special printing inks:
① fluorescent printing ink: this kind of printing ink fluorescence under UV light irradiation. Is made up of colored and colorless fluorescent printing ink.
II photo-printing ink: this ink is colorless, easily distinguish the authenticity, imitation is very difficult. Identified only in violet light or two seconds in daylight colour. BACK