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See Printing how to become more environmentally friendly

Sustainability in printing business not only to effective protection of the environment, but also bring certain benefits for the enterprise itself, which is 181 the consensus achieved through the FSC certified printing houses.
in just the past Academy Awards ceremonies, one from the United States tell of former Vice President Al Gore's environmental documentary an inconvenient truth won the 79th Academy Awards for best documentary and two awards for best song. And the awards ceremony have also indirectly raise the attention of printing on recycled paper. Whether it is by customer requirements and industry regulations to promote is also encouraged by the personal conviction, "green" printing has become the pursuit of new goals for the entire printing industry.
the print magazine in a recent online survey of current situation of the entire printing industry environmentally friendly behaviour, results printing companies and their suppliers are actively committed to environmental reforms. They are a variety of ways to improve industry's environmental efforts. Many vision printing has selected the following several ways: buying sustainable paper; use wind power installations to recover and recycle the waste; plants as raw material use ink and printing machine cleaning agent of low VOC content; some printers even Waterless printing press for production. These printing houses taken by "green action" not only to protect the environment and ensure the economic interests of their own, contribute to their sustainable development.
printing is really trying to put your business on the path to green, and they are many ways to achieve this goal. For some enterprises, in order to achieve sustainable management, in addition to other than to comply with environmental regulations, and take more effective measures.
use the paper to support the sustainability of forestry development is not the most popular environmentally friendly behaviour. Customer demand for the environmentally friendly substrate has led many printing companies have opted for strong programs in greater detail, to prove he was using paper products comply with environmental standards.
to date, United States 181 printing, have 25 paper mills and 48 stores after Auditors the forest management Committee following a review of multiple access to the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification. Since last fall, through the FSC certified printing list has maintained a rapid growth, initially only the 80 printers through this certification. Now, many companies are joining the industry, such as: RR Donnelley company in the United States and Canada adopted the FSC certification all the factories and, in addition, there are also located in Mexico a factory in Reynosa. In ten factories in Quad/Graphics, nine by the FSC certification, the only exception is the factory where they acquired in August last year. Quebec printing giant envoys also has six factories certified by FSC.
What do these signs mean? Left the PCF sign, it indicates that a paper containing at least 30% without chlorine bleaching of recycled fertilizer; TCF is a sign of original, fiber paper and FSC marked eco-forestry.
FSC is an international organization, it is mainly responsible for the proof print products used in the paper are from sustainable development, legal and allow the harvesting of forest resources-and thus preventing excessive timber cutting on the environment caused by the adverse effects and damage to the recovery of the original forest. It is an independent certification body, to review and confirm the paper makers, distributors and printers met its standards of conduct. Only through the certification of enterprises to use the FSC logo on their products.
certification bodies must be able to prove the chain of custody of sales of FSC products business in line with FSC rules, their raw materials must come from FSC certified forests. The process needed for the paper's claim and transfer processes to track and record: from paper source to the end user at all stages of production are not to be missed.
Xpedx company has developed a new service to help printers access to FSC and SFI (United States sustainable forestry initiative) chain of custody certification. SFI is a service in United States and Canada of the certification system, it has a completely independent Board of Directors. The Organization's directors are both environmentalists and nature protection organizations.
once the printing plant used in line with FSC and SFI both standard production procedures, you can start 4-8-week review process. If you want to pass the review, printing house must show they are able to identify certified products at home and abroad, to distinguish between certified and not certified products, will create documents for your own programs, but also to report transactions that have occurred.
Xpedx company recently became the first in North America by SFI and FSC chain of custody certification of countries paper dealers. SFI certification applies to all coated and non-coated paper, and FSC certification is applicable to writing, pages and cover paper and coated paper. These certifications cover the xpedx company in the United States all distribution centers, retail stores and online stores.
many printers say they take environmental protection measures not only helps to better control the production process, and at no additional cost subject to attract new customers. Alternative energy and environmentally friendly products, prices may be higher, to teach employees the new procedures may also delay their working hours, but said most of the printing factory, environmental protection measures to help reduce the use of materials, waste disposal costs, as well as damage to your equipment. The following is an example of a few of the more representative.
Sandy Alexander is a New Jersey printing plant, which has invested $ 100,000, his energy converted to wind, but eventually got $ 2 million to $ 3 million worth of business. In addition, the company also invested more than 500,000 dollars in new equipment to replace the original gas pollution control equipment, thereby greatly reducing the consumption of natural gas. Generally speaking, Sandy company invested nearly $ 750,000 for his environmental work.
the company's Senior Vice President Jonathan Fogel said: "all companies will have to provide support for such a worthwhile environmental projects, in particular from the financial point of view. You can't hold a picture a few trees in the Green banner, make people feel you have taken the appropriate environmental protection measures. You must abide by its commitments, put up some money, get down to doing such a thing. "
Fogel said many corporate customers have opted for aggressive social and environmental objectives, and noted in particular printing need to be this large umbrella of protection. As companies continue to cut their distribution range, protesters made their own businesses became valuable partners.
Ercer Color company recently reduced their print on the environmental impact of the process. The company believes that the so-called "green" printing is to use environmentally friendly products and reduce or eliminate air pollutants in program printing production process. The company had its own production process is called "eco-control offset printing" or referred to as: "offset printing". Pat Berger, head of the company said: "Although planting trees, on the use of alternative energy sources, recycled paper printing and access to environmental certification of these measures can make a certain contribution for the whole environmental plan, but they will have no impact on the actual printing process. "He said the company since 1990, green printing, when they reduced their alcohol and alcohol substitute used in the fountain, and began printing with vegetable inks. The company has had to reduce their VOC emissions to 75 pounds per US $ 1 million sales.
Berger said: "through continuous efforts, how can we know without additional equipment (such as: solvent stills, fountain solution circulation system, coating unit and expensive reverse osmosis water system, and so on) on the basis of each variable to control in the printing process. In addition, we also found an alternative printing workshops the use of harmful chemical products, their performance well. "
Ercer Color company results achieved to make a deep impression: 25% reduces ink consumption and circulatory system in the fountain just dumped three times, press detergent consumption dropped from 165 gallons annually 30 gallons.
LAGraphico company based in California, has also taken effective measures to bring themselves into line with provisions of the Clean Air Act, and even in some respects exceed the relevant legal standards. The company's South Coast air quality management agencies authority has worked out a cleaning agent from 650 g/l VOC content in plans to reduce to 100 grams/liter. This provision has so far conducted over 11 months. From the federal perspective, the EPA proposed VOC content in cleaning the standard value of 50 g/l, and this clearly does not meet the provisions of the Clean Air Act.
through cooperation with the supplier, LAGraphico found a company who can meet the requirements to ensure production quality and productivity solutions. The company developed the printing press cleaning agents containing only 34 grams of VOC per litre, and its performance is better than other products with higher VOC content, efficiency is also improved.
Anderson Lithograph is a printing press in Los Angeles, the company has set itself a "building a sustainable future" targets, and for each of the interested parties were provided a copy of "environmental statement" this statement and similar to other company's corporate social responsibility report.
Anderson could use standard measurement techniques and Administration-approved calculation methods for their production environment control in each job generates a quality report. Able to measure any print this report on air quality caused by the actual or potential impact. Coca Cola every year making several quality control reports, Anderson will also print a lot of corporate citizenship report.
thermosetting web offset of the company is equipped with a pollution control device to eliminate emissions of VOC in the press dryer gas. The device can collect in the dryer to VOC gas used as fuel.
Anderson claims that he is the United States only through the Department of air quality management certification of "closed" plants and their VOC emissions are nearly zero.
Pictorial offset Corporation is taking a number of environmental protection measures. Is one of the leaders of the company Donald Samuels said: "through the implementation of environmental protection and sustainable development plans, we have $ 1 million worth of new business. This event only in paper recycling, we can save the cost of more than $ 500,000 a year. "In 1998 at the same time, the company has passed ISO 9000 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) certification of these two standards, in order to obtain these certifications, they probably invested more than 2000 hours of work time.
because has made outstanding contribution in environmental protection, Pictorial offset Corporation also won by the Rainforest Alliance issued a "Enterprise standardization of sustainability Award".
Murray Print Shop company in soy inks and recycled paper throughout the printing industry had already begun using them for production. Although the company's volume of business in the past 15 years has increased by a factor of three times, but they never give up on the importance of environmental protection. Currently rubbish bins in the company only one-third for the 1990 's, and after installed Presstek 52DI printed, they waste material in the printing process has been significantly reduced.
Murray company said publicly that their environmental consciousness has helped their won business from the different environmental groups. Over the past 15 years, the company also earned from printing donated millions of dollars to environmental groups.
Artisan Columbia printing company is the first in New York State to the long Island power authority's Green choice campaign printing, this activity is designed to encourage printing companies to choose wind power. If you want to use wind power factory in one-fourth, the printing plant will spend $ 1000 per year. The company will also provide customers with a windmill designs and "printed with wind" text logo.
Stuyvesant Press company is currently using soy ink, water and chemicals for the production of recycled paper. At the time of the 30 anniversary of the founding of the company, they will also set up a department devoted to green printing. Now, the company has begun to implement in customer cartridge recycling scheme.
In addition to the adopting green production process, Olympus Press Corporation also held a meeting of "green printing" seminar, starting from 2005, the seminar has attracted over more than 300 print industry experts to discuss environmental protection issues. In addition, there are many printing customers, designers, and environmentalists are also full of interest for this workshop. In this seminar, learn to experience the success of many enterprises and environmental protection, for example, Nike, Starbucks, REI, local universities and the paper mill and so on.