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Polishing processing fault analysis and treatment

, Surface appears streaks or wrinkled    
it could be: high viscosity of the coating, coatings leveling, prone to streaks. Depending on the print and putting it, use leveling, wettability of coating; or some thinner, reducing the viscosity of the paint. If too much for coating, can be reduced by adjusting the quantity of the coating, sometimes coating to printing ink layer on the surface wetting is not good, affect the smoothness of the dry film or coating of leveling process does not match the condition with the paint and putting it in, possibly using other types of coating or changing process conditions, to match the paint.
II, and print each other adhesion
reasons is: glazing paint in the solvent of volatile sex good, paint of dry performance bad, can consider instead volatile rate high of solvent or replaced glazing paint type; also may is coated cloth film layer too thick, coating internal of solvent not completely volatile, residues volume high, reduction film layer thickness; or is glazing coated cloth or pressure light in the work temperature low, dry time short and makes coating dry bad, can improve glazing coated cloth and pressure light in the of work temperature, reduced machine speed, makes coating completely dry.
three, and into film film layer gloss degrees poor
If is Shang coated paint of quality problem, is should consider by process and the economic requirements instead quality better of glazing paint; if coating too thin, coated cloth volume insufficient or paint concentration small, in rough degrees high, and absorption sex strong of print surface easily fill a gap, is should increased coated cloth volume, improve paint concentration, or in processing Qian first Shang a layer glazing end of rubber, again for glazing coated cloth; also may is glazing coated cloth dry and pressure light Shi of temperature partial low voltage light pressure small, Operation parameters should be adjusted to increase the temperature, increasing pressure also causes estimates to be the device itself, such as for bearing steel with wear, bright smooth down, this will repair to improve bearing steel with surface conditions.
four, and pressure light Hou print blank part is light part, and light parts color
reasons may is: glazing paint solvent on ink layer has must dissolved role, this to replaced paint type or change solvent components; if ink dry bad, ink layer resistance solvent performance bad, will improved ink dry situation,, ink dry Hou again glazing coated cloth, reduced glazing less material in the on ink has dissolved role of solvent dosage; paint layer dry not completely, film layer within solvent residues volume high, When you want to improve the optical coating drying temperature or lower the machine speed, extended drying time, reducing internal coating solvent residues.
five, and coating not uniform, and has bubble, and Ma points,
reasons is: glazing paint surface tension value big, on print surface ink layer of wetting role bad, should reduced its surface tension value, and improved paint on ink layer of wetting performance; paint in the of solvent volatile bad, coating within solvent residues volume high, can instead volatile rate high of solvent or makes coating completely dry Hou again pressure light; also may is glazing coated cloth in the machine speed had fast, dry temperature low, makes coating dry not completely, solvent volatile not completely, It should adjust the optical coating technology; printing ink layer on the surface crystallization phenomena, it should take effective measures, such as removing the ink layer crystallization of oily or coated, improved wetting of the holdout to abate or eliminate ink layer crystallization of adverse effects on the optical coating.
six, and film surface sparkling
reasons is: in pressure light process in the, pressure had big, pressure light steel with of temperature high, makes paint film layer local softening, this needed appropriate reduced pressure light of pressure and temperature; also may is glazing paint and pressure light process conditions wood match, makes print surface of paint layer cooling Hou, ibid light with of stripping force poor, needed change process conditions, makes its and glazing paint phase match, reduced pressure light machine speed, improved paint layer ibid light with Zhijian of stripping force.
seven, calendaring, printing and glazing with poor adhesion between
reasons are: the coat is too thin, increase the amount of coating; paint viscosity is too low, increase the viscosity of coatings then is pressed the light pressure is too small, bearing temperature is not enough to improve the bearing temperature, increase light pressure.
eight, and print pressure light Hou, surface easy folding crack
reasons is: temperature partial high, makes print in pressure light in the dehydration too much, moisture reduced, thus paper quality fiber variable crisp, should reduced pressure light in the of work temperature, and take effective measures, keep print in the must of moisture; pressure light in the pressure had big, makes print of extends sex and plasticity reduced, toughness variable poor, can reduced pressure light in the of pressure; as for glazing paint of Hou processing suitable sex bad, is should again select Hou processing suitable sex better of glazing paint Later processing conditions unsuitable, you can adjust the processing conditions, so that it matches the calendering of printed matter and putting it in.
nine, and pressure light Hou sides film surface brightness inconsistent
reasons is: pressure light in the, glazing with sides pressure not equal, or glazing with sides wear inconsistent, should adjustment glazing with sides of pressure makes of equal, adjustment hot roll and transmission roll of parallel degrees, makes glazing with sides Zhang tight consistent, wear uniform; also may is glazing paint sides thickness not uniform, this will adjustment glazing coated cloth institutions, check measurement roll and coated cloth roll Zhijian of parallel degrees and clearance, makes sides coating thickness as consistent BACK