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No network printing

At present, whether it be painting, oil painting, poster, as long as the belt levels, especially skin color is the original color separations and screen mesh plate through offset printing, gravure printing, letterpress printing (flexography) screen printing copies of, but at the same time there are also collotype, woodblock printing, print no network printing.
1 dot printed color image
two points there are two levels of network printing:
1.1 amplitude modulation dot screen print
in the unit area of the dot size to show images of dark and light shades, but it has a weakness that is susceptible to moire.
1.2 dots screen print
as the capabilities of computers increased, there were dots screening technology, it FM screening technology is the dot size in unit area, dot is stand next to an image of dark and light shades, moire dots basically solved the problem. Both the screening
whether it is offset, gravure, letterpress printing or screen, if you want to show images of levels is inseparable from the network, see print with a magnifying glass, both am networks screening technology, or dots screen technology, the dot is clearly visible in on replica, replica is therefore certainly, crass.
2 no dot printing
no network level, there are currently three ways: collotype, woodblock printing printing, screen printing.
2.1 collotype
collotype is a Photolithography technology invention very early, it is the use of glass printing, also known as the glass-plate printing. The process is:
2.1.1 ground glass
10MM smooth grinding of thick glass, after cleaning, drying, coating the bottom.
2.1.2 Prime
ground glass and then coated with a layer of sodium and protein liquid and liquid mixture as rock-bottom, after drying, then coat the sensitive glue.
2.1.3 sensitive glue
dry on the bottom and then apply a layer of dichromate salt and Jiao Ming photosensitive liquid on the bottom, and then drying, drying temperature between 40 ℃-60 ℃, drying, the emulsion will produce tiny wrinkles.
/> 2.1.4 print continuous tone of negative film and photographic film and close exposure. Appearing washed unexposed emulsion, printed form when absorbing layer. Light sensitive glue, due to different levels of emulsion sensitive degree of different ink absorption layer thickness are different.
2.1.5 printing
on a dedicated platform printed in collotype printing, its structure is flattened, with plastic roller inking. Liquidity, low viscosity ink requirements.
because the collotype is negative negative footing, Indian territory as influenced by the amount of light, the greater, the greater part of the hardened layer, more wrinkles, glue, the more the amount of ink, printing color is darker, on the contrary, the more light.
Although collotype is recognized no network printing in the world, but subtle enough, it's hard to copy fine images. Japan also collotype and printing do only certificates.
woodblock printing is the invention of woodblock printing printing, is my traditional printing methods, recognized in the world, its process:
2.2.1 write off (color).
(1) write off when the first transparent and impervious plastic film on the paper kept in the original, and then copy the picture write off as cellophane paper.
(2) write off yan sheets kept in manuscript cellophane paper, depending on the color separations, respectively, point, line, color, inscription, seal and picture level, stroke into one of our articles, respectively. On the original colors, strokes, respectively how many manuscripts.
assumed write off personnel (artists) must have not only a high level of painting, at the same time to have deep knowledge of traditional Chinese painting. To write off the original shade, the actual situation of the artist's style and artistic characteristic and screen size-how many, how to print to make a decision.
2.2.2 carved
articles to post on the Board, to be dried immediately after the engraving plate, carved wood each manuscript, printed a picture carved dozens of plates, even hundred block. Carving must be cooked the ancient and modern painting, can experience the original fencing seriously freely, confident lines, carved so well.
2.2.3 printing
carved of wood in turn to blush. Method is to use wooden protrusion (that is, the pictures section) first brush, then spread the rice paper in it, and then hand-brush, brush for blush. How many pieces of wood with this paper blush many times, and finally finished.
but brush printing is not is pieces easy of thing, it requirements brush printing who must familiar painting techniques, in brush printing Qian to analysis original with pen of fast, and slow, and light, and heavy, with color of thick, and light, and dry, and wet, of different, in brush printing process in the, also to according to original of rendering touches,, side brush printing side with brush again appropriate processing, makes brush printing products reproduction original of ink features.
version 2.3 screen print
Print print copies can do no network of traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, poster. Methods: hierarchical separations

2.3.1 manuscript manuscripts by computer press yellow, magenta, cyan and black levels divided into more than one piece. As every color can be divided into 10 levels, each color can be divided into 10 different layers of film.
2.3.2 print
number 40 films, few comments into 40 screen. The print process on the tension and tension, choice of screen, emulsion coating, exposure time, developing the elements required to fine screen and screen printing production requirements are basically the same.
2.3.3 printing
according to the different layers of film print print number in order to print, this method of printing called printing, known as ladder printing, actually is from light to dark printing one layer at a time. It can not only achieve the purpose of performance levels, and network printing, decorative, as in France copied paintings in this way, real artistic value. France painter of his oil paintings commissioned by screen printing company, print print copy after using this method, and then signed by the artist, to have the collection value.
version 3 screen printing would be no network printing in the future development direction of
of these dots offset, gravure, letterpress, screen printing, because replica with a dot, so crass, but no network of collotype printing, due to inadequate levels, less space, printing and so on, are gradually phased out. Copy
woodblock printing image can achieve a decorative effect, however, long production cycles, low volume, high cost, and write off, adjust, brush printing process is more complicated and manual components a lot, while technicians are experts, each tone is hard to do the same, likely to cause partial color, but also existing of misregister. Deformation and so on.
printing enterprises and talent competition is science and technology, screen printing enterprises of new technology, new technology, new materials, new devices are applied, bring the rapid development in the screen printing technology.
due to screen version level printing using has computer this a modern tool for analysis manuscript, and layered scan manuscript, and output layered film, then through screen version Shen version and layered printing, its copy of crafts precision high, and subtle level rich, and reproduction sex good, not only makes with dot printing rubber products cannot and of compared, is no dot of collotype, and woodblock printing also cannot and of compared.
now, because of the art collection increased and the ability of continuous improvement, is particularly fond of authenticity of the paintings, oil paintings, which tend to have only one piece of authenticity, how to meet people's needs? Compared,, only screen version level (no dot) printing to makes image delicate, and level rich, and icing strong, and ink layer can thick can thin, offset General for 3-4um, and network printing ink layer thickness can up dozens of Micron, can makes image raised, especially on painting can real keep original of art charm, maximum to reached original of effect, so said network version technology of no dot level printing will is future copy painting, and ink development of direction. BACK