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Some common printing paper production technology parameters table

Paper making process of making art in the paper structure and performance, there are many particularities, which leads to many special features on the printing process.
1. ink absorption of
various types of art on ink absorption range, such as coasters paper extremely easy to absorb ink, Layne and paper to ink more easily, while the transparent paper to ink absorption. Art used by ink absorption is directly related to the printing of the paper quality and delivery time required. For less ink paper, can properly adding driers in ink or UV-curable, so as to avoid ink drying too slowly and cause sticking on the back, Western blot powder and so on. Of course, the structure of the paper had a big impact on ink absorption. Some more loose and thick texture of the paper, the ink can easily penetrate and dry; some close texture, ink floating on the surface of the paper, it is neither easy to penetrate the paper, much less easy to dry. Ink art and paper typically can adjust the printing of different pressures and the ink is processed to control and, if necessary, copy may be granted for a certain amount of (amount according to the needs).
2. smooth
because of the paper-making process, and some more loose thick art paper paper, less smooth, some paper more closely, higher smoothness. In art papers are also an Emboss effect (such as embossed paper) and strip texture effects (such as bamboo paper) paper. When they encounter this type of paper, printing less general recommendations, or even printed, using natural embossed paper, make some simple local processing, such as embossing, UV coating, hot stamping and so on, thereby essentially retained the original qualities of the paper, and take full advantage of these features achieve an ideal decorative effect. Of course, if printing is required, it is necessary to regulate the printing pressure, so that concrete analysis of concrete problems. Such as the printing thick art paper, printing pressure should not be too large, otherwise it will damage the art paper characteristics of shading significantly and make the paper deformation. Conversely, if it is more dense texture art printing paper, printing pressure should be increased.
special paper printed decoration effects
with the improvement of people's living standard, more and more varieties of paper and specialty paper came into being, widely used in a variety of graphic design, particularly high-end catalogs, book cover design, favored by people's favorite. The compressibility of specialty paper, folding, and easy processing, and forming characteristics is not up to other packaging materials, is also a big advantage of it as a paper substrate material.
the texture of the paper
are many types of specialty paper, printed design has great differences in expression. Designers must understand and grasp the characteristics and performance of different specialty paper, to make better use of its advantages, designing elegant, luxurious festive, simple and different styles of modern works.
special paper has a certain strength, light weight, and has a surface of different types such as embossing, texture, smooth, shiny, their varied colors, beautiful appearance. Especially if fiber manufacturing and processing the paper materials, environmental pollution, recycling, green packaging material of choice.
1. textured
texture is body skin and shape factors associated with any object. Rough or smooth surfaces are textured, it must be perceived through Visual, tactile. Texture is neither form nor color, it needs special styling.
texture can be divided into two categories: one is the free hand touches the tactile feel of, the other is through the visual perception of Visual texture.
(1) the tactile texture
tactile texture is very straight forward, just touching it, a blind man could tell, but after being photographed, they lost touch cognitive sense of immediacy.
in recent years, the paper packaging materials in order to make people feel the touch of fun, often using a wide range of different specialty paper texture materials, such as embossed paper, copy paper, confusing. Uncoated paper, coated and specialty papers, such as touch-texture surface there is a clear difference, and its artistic expression is not the same.
(2) Visual texture
we watch TV every day, TV picture tubes are made of glass and is smooth. Picture but the TV people feel kind of texture, is awakened through the Visual sense of Visual texture, rather than a real sense of texture.
material of paper is flat, you can use graphics make people feel that the Visual texture of the material, such as stripes, color shading is designed using a visual texture.
2. application of textures in print design
in a recent painting textures, print design is increasingly valued texture create and sense of itself into pieces is not uncommon. In the rough texture of the paper print effect can further enhance texture, even if in a micro-bevel maisy Philip small prints on the paper pattern, also has very good visual texture effect. In print design, using the coarse texture of light are a very important part of the texture of the paper design
paper texture
1. texture-surface texture of
any object that has a different surface, different materials have different textures, texture, the texture is called texture.
surface texture is formed naturally, some obtained through the manufacturing process. Printing using a variety of materials, such as metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, paper, specialty paper, belong to the latter. Texture different textures and different, hard and soft, concave and convex, coarse and fine, sparse and dense, the difference between deep and shallow. Paper fiber staggered, dense metallic shiny and plastic can be extended on the surface of a smooth wrinkle-free, and have different texture effects.
2. Visual textures and tactile texture
textures into Visual texture and the tactile texture of two. Eyes for Visual texture is a texture, such as stripes, patterns show the screen smooth, but are a two-dimensional plane of skin texture. Tactile texture through the fight, die-cutting, carving processing methods, such as get, is a three-dimensional texture by hand can touch feel. More and more designers in graphic design using specialty paper textures and texture designs many remarkable works.
has a better texture than plain paper and specialty paper texture, whether from the macro or the micro-world is designed to provide an inexhaustible supply of material.
printing specialty paper used in the design of
a wide variety of specialty paper, design effects are not the same, this paper introduces the application of several common specialty papers.
1. Vegetable parchment (sulfuric acid paper)
Vegetable parchment is thick paper copy made of plant fibers after treatment with sulfuric acid, to change the original nature of a degenerative process of paper. Translucent sheets stomata less, paper tough, dense, and you can wax, coating, embossing or wrinkle process. Its appearance are easy to confuse and tracing paper.
because the paper is translucent, sulfuric acid paper in modern design, often used as a ring or backing paper books, so you can better highlight and contrast themes, and in line with modern fashion. Also sometimes used as a book or album title page. In sulfuric acid paper printed on gold, silver, or printing graphics and text, unique, more generally used for high-end art books. As shown in Figure 2.
2. synthetic paper (paper and plastic polymers)
synthetic paper is based on synthetic resins (such as PP, PE, PS, etc) as the main raw material, after a certain process, resin melt, made by extrusion, stretch film and paper processing, given its natural fiber whiteness, opacity and printability and the material. Synthetic paper is divided into two categories: one is the fiber synthetic paper, and the other is thin-film synthesis paper.
synthetic paper looks no different from the natural vegetable fiber paper, thin-film synthesis has scored high printing paper markets, can adapt to a variety of printing presses. Synthesis paper on the market now only refers to the film Department of synthetic paper. Synthetic paper printed books, magazines, advertising, brochures, etc, if not indicated, consumers don't see it what's the difference with plain paper.
have excellent printing properties of synthetic paper in printing does not occur when the "break" phenomenon; tiny bump to the surface of synthetic paper, and to improve the opacity and printability of great help; synthetic paper reproduction of the image well, dot clear, soft colors, size, not age. Synthetic paper printing results as shown in Figure 3. Worth noting is that when using offset printing, professional offset printing ink of synthetic paper should be used.
3. the embossed paper
(1) characteristics of embossed paper
using mechanical flower or crepe paper, concave-convex pattern formed on the surface of paper or Board. Embossed paper by embossing to improve the decorative effect, making the paper more texture. In recent years, the printing paper embossed on the surface of more and more often, uncoated paper, coated paper, white paper, white paper jam color staining embossed paper before printing (grains), as "embossed printing paper" can greatly improve the quality of the paper, but also to the sales of the paper brought a higher added value. Many papers for flexible packaging printing is often used before or after printing embossing methods, improved packaging Visual effects, enhance the value of products. Embossing processing has become an important method of paper processing.
(2) processing method of embossing paper
embossing paper, there are two methods of processing. For paper production, to mechanically increase the pattern, embossed paper after two as a flat piece of paper to dry, then into the embossing machine for further processing, and after the two rollers on the pressure, one roller is engraved with embossed designs, will come into effect after the paper printed lines. Due to a deep embossed paper texture, it is common to press printed side of the paper only.
(3) the embossed type
embossing can be divided into registration embossed and not registering two embossed. So-called registration embossing, is printed flowers, floral printed press into a concave shape to make drum patterns, beautiful decorative role to play.
registration not embossed, is pressed into the tread pattern has no direct relationship with the printing, this embossed pattern selection. Such as cloth, Twill pattern, stripes, James gill nets, Orange skin, direct NET, needle textured, egg pattern, sack pattern, plaid pattern, Leather Sheath, scalp stripes pattern, linen pattern, gear, etc. This printing embossing is widely used for embossing print paper, coated cover paper synthesis paper, Vegetable parchment paper, lacquer, plastic and other materials.
most domestic embossed paper is uncoated paper and white paper. Surface roughness, texture, strong performance, and variety. Many graphic design consumers prefer to use this type of paper, made of this book or album cover, title page, to have different personalities.
4. the pattern paper
designers and publishers seeking unique design style works stand out. Many times patterns of paper can make them even better. These quality paper or soft to the touch, look gorgeous, finished more elegance, very enjoyable. Pattern paper varieties, each has its own characteristics, higher than that of ordinary paper grades. Pattern paper can be divided into the following categories:
(1) copy paper
dip NET is most of paper texture textured traditional and commonly used method. This process is usually inserted in paper-making process, the wet paper is placed between the two sheets of absorbent soft cloth, Velvet texture of a line will be printed on the paper. The procedure in one or both sides of the image. Just like ancient striped paper, copy paper line pattern looms, soft texture, some copy paper imports were cotton, softer texture and toughness of nature, and suitable for printing.
(2) antique effect of paper
and graphic designers on many customers high quality, plain uncoated paper has only one, love this kind of paper feeling warm and rich. In addition, book publishers, also called for a durable paper and hope that fresh paper stiffness and ensure stable and consistent printing effects. Designed with antique effect paper products simple, beautiful and elegant. As shown in Figure 7.
(3) inclusions paper and special effects
popular environmental trends, spot paper came into being, in order to achieve the effect of natural recycling, pulp were added to a variety of stuff. Doping by weight and size are suitable to control, if the noise is too much paper, would destroy the graphic effects, too few will give the feeling of sticking. Now markets a wide range of doping on paper are available, some of the environmentally friendly recycled paper and ores, snow, flower petals and other impurities. Papermaking techniques include adding dye in the sizing process, so that the paper form spots or create a parchment effect. This type of paper by consumers, are certificates, book covers and restaurant recipes and drinks of choice. Due to the appearance of paper with special effects, the designer is often used for simple printing and boring classes preferred paper for printing your presentation, such as the various financial statements and annual reports of listed companies, which make up the eye candy.
4) coated pattern paper
Printers and designers are undisputedly non-coated paper is beautiful and feel good, to make prints to achieve a better visual effect, more high-grade magnificent feeling. Non-coated grain dip NET natural texture and printability of coated paper effects mix. Both sides of such special treatment, reduced water absorption of the paper, so that the ink left on the paper surface, so that the ink texture is better. Series metallic Pearlescent finishes can change with the viewing perspective of the human eye, after printing is better.
(5) old papers
Ancient brand of specialty paper, founded in 1888, first CONQUEROR London Castle watermarks, until in the early 1990 of the 20th century was changed to Knight adding watermark in English. The watermark of this interesting feature the world famous, and now has a high quality business, printing and writing paper flags and symbols and sold worldwide in more than 80 countries and regions, deeply loved hotels, banks, businesses and even government agencies around. Ancient paper divided into nobles, glossy, texture, concept art, digital and other categories.
(6) "coagulation adopted" Pearl pattern paper
paper shades of different colours according to the viewing angle changes. Its luster is formed by the dispersion of light refraction to the surface of the paper, with the "Silver Flash" effect, print pattern that has the characteristics of metal will be very good. It is suitable for making all kinds of high-class fashion prints of modern breath. Grade book or the cover of hardcover books.
paper slip Ping Shunliang, suitable for all types of printing technology and processing methods, such as four-colour offset printing, rolling and cutting, stamping, etc.
conjunctival oxide is recommended drying inks, inks the gloss gloss may not as good as the paper itself.
(7) "Star picking" metal pattern paper
metal "Star picking" patterned paper is a break with tradition, a new concept of art paper. It not only keeps the classic and beauty inherent in the fine paper, also have pros and cons on both sides of a metallic creative, luxurious but not tacky, poised and quiet, making it appear different from generally strong qualities of art paper.
metal "Star picking" thanks to new technology, its metal characteristics must not fall off, paper slip, but for print adds a lot of energy, it is suitable for all kinds of printing techniques and special techniques, especially for blocking the process. Recommended for printing line 130~150 lines per inch, in dark metal pattern paper when printing the ink should be increased.
metal "Star picking" can produce a variety of high-end printed materials, if used as a product sample papers, annual reports and on the covers of the books for a variety of packaging used.
(8) the gold paper
with traditional gold paper gold foil has a qualitative difference, printed traditional gold only by means of transparent material cannot be colored printing. 24K gold for materials using nano-technology research paper, we can make a color image printed in gold directly on, and to retain the style and performance of gold, anti-oxidation, anti-tarnishing characteristics, moisture-proof, moth, avoiding the disadvantages of traditional paper books and easy to mould and insects, in theory, can be stored for years at a time. Gold paper for the Chinese spirit, which is the latest development of a new generation of products, with a higher technological content and cultural content, its more along the lines of ancient rice paper and newspapers, especially the fire won its first major breakthrough. Body of 20 Gold version of the four-colour printing in the Economic Journal layout, illustrations, a total of nearly 160,000 words, 300 people, scenery and other gold pictures, paper usage and layout of an unprecedented, history of this printing in gold on an unprecedented scale.
in addition, special paper in addition to different paper types, were also dyed in various colors, decorative effect is very strong. Special paper has many advantages, but special paper also included a place.
first, the price is more expensive. Ordinary embossing paper and much more expensive than the same quantity of the same kind of paper, embossed paper used for bulk printing of pictures due to the price the customer cannot afford, it is generally only used to cover design and printing or important information.
Second, most absorbent and strong penetration of the special paper, but a bumpy texture, making printing ink penetration in the gaps, especially in large areas of the field, it is difficult to dry, prone to sticking. At the time of printing four color overprint characters, tone more dull. Consumers don't want soft tone does not understand why the special paper printed products aren't bright enough when using specialty paper printing, be sure to communicate with customer printing problems, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
third, the colored specialty paper at print time, pay attention to the dark special four-colour image is not printed on the surface of the paper. Deployment of only metal luster or spot-color printing inks, such as au, AG, spot color, and so on.
as in a light beige, light green, light blue, light pink, light colors special paper of printing four color halftone images, there will be a color shift phenomenon, generally tune would tend to color on the surface of the paper. Therefore, the design is best not to use colored paper when printing halftone images. But if you can use different styles and different colors special paper design works, there will be unexpected special effects, icing on the cake will work for you, grace.
Finally, special paper surface using various finishing methods also have a different style. Such as hot stamping and embossing on the special paper surface embossing, are very good.
a wide variety of specialty paper, is a general designation for special purpose paper or art paper, and now manufacturers are embossed paper, art paper referred to as specialty paper, mainly to simplify a wide variety and causing confusion in the terminology. Designer and printing factory selection Shi to special note, sometimes varieties Shang one points different, its price Shang of difference is is big of, regardless of is general paper, also is special paper, its surface are has different of texture, people on smooth, and rough, and delicate, and white of feel is the not same of, we can according to printer real of surface nature made different of select, design out meet trend of, and personalized of, and style different of works, to show design of theme, makes printing products has practical and beautiful sex.