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Printing production key elements of change

Production transformation (expansion or relocation of production system) is growing in the printing business had to face a great event, is a headache for many printing companies. This includes recently completed the relocation of factories of United States Rider Dickerson, a business. It is a comprehensive printing and imaging services United States printing company, including prepress, conventional printing, digital printing, printing and direct mail, and so on.
when it comes to printing production changes, Rider Dickerson, Chairman Bill Barta will be briefly summarized the experience of a company, when printing companies for production scheduling and execution time of change, should focus on the following 5 key areas.
(1) ensure that the equipment or system is favourable to enterprise employees and customers.
(2) with key customers to discuss the production change program, to ensure that they know what the trends and demands and proposals they put forward.
(3) when the implementation of the scheme, running at 2 sets of production systems, to ensure that the production will not be interrupted unexpectedly, then discontinued the old production system.
(4) to a new production system allow sufficient time and resources (this may include external consultants and engineers), to ensure that it can achieve the greatest impact.
(5) during the transformation to maintain communication with customers, end-consumers and their own employees. BACK