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National publishing industry development opportunities

Reform 30 years to, national area occurred has shaking of changes, national published career in promoted national area development, and progress and promote minority culture development of course in the played has important role, for publicity party of national policy, and national legal regulations, heritage minority culture, spread advanced science culture knowledge, made has major contribution, for maintenance national stable, and social harmony, and national unity and frontier security, promote the national unity progress, and common prosperity development are has immeasurable of role.
published a wide range of titles continues to grow
Administration of press and publication Secretary Wu Shangzhi said: "national publication is a reflection of policy of our party and nation, is an important part of China's ethnic work and important part of our published work for China's prosperity and development of ethnic minorities and ethnic minority areas have an important role. "In years of books published management work and on national area published work research in the, he maximum of feel is, has long, party and national always put national news published career as public career and special industry give vigorously support, special for national published career developed and implementation has series legal regulations and offers policy, and constantly increased on national published work of support efforts, powerful to promoted has national published career of development.
30 years, China's minority nationality publishing industry has been greatly developed. According to statistics, the distribution in the country's 14 provinces (regions and municipalities) of 38 nationalities Publishing House, has been formed to edit, printing, distribution, supply and other one-stop national publishing system. Each year in 23 minority languages various books published more than 5,000 kinds of things, according to readers and related needs, and has published extensively on the national political, economic, cultural and other aspects of the Chinese version of the book. In addition, the national language of audiovisual and electronic publications from scratch, forming a great situation for rapid development.
annual national conferences involving documents, laws and regulations, and learning materials, publications of the various minority languages, and can be synchronized with the Chinese launched in timely implementation of major principles and policies of the party and the State, guiding the national construction and development of regional political, economic and cultural aspects, has played an active role.
is the Chinese nationalities in the long history of ancient books of ethnic minorities in the process of creating cultural crystallization. In order to rescue and protection of ancient books of ethnic minorities, in 30 years, China published the integration of ancient books of ethnic minorities in China and the Turkic language dictionary, the encyclopedia of geser, Tsongkhapa's set and the biography of King gesar, a large number of heritage and carry forward the national culture, national culture has a value of cultural accumulation of research publications.
to enable excellent books wider national children in 2007, ethnic Publishing House together ethnic Publishing House of Sichuan, Guangxi national press, copyright provided by the encyclopedia of China Publishing House, jointly organized in different regions good translation experts, translated and published the first set of Mongolia, Tibetan, Uygur, Kazak, seven national synchronized text, published by the China children's encyclopedia of school. This is the first time in seven national synchronized text book publishing, is also the largest national text integration publishing paper kinds of time.
with the promotion of bilingual teaching in the minority area, peoples publishing minority textbooks of primary and secondary varieties began to surge. But textbook set of small, low cost, pricing, and in need of constant revision, in recent years, national accounting textbook funding per year, borne by the Central and local fiscal half, thus ensuring the normal publishing of a variety of materials. To middle and high school textbooks, teaching all subjects in primary schools as well as secondary teacher, college textbook publishing keeps on increasing, to meet the needs of bilingual teaching in primary and secondary schools in minority areas.
/> support for increasing the preferential policy continuous introduced "attention to national publishing more and more in recent years, the party and the State, have reached an unprecedented height. "Wu Shangzhi said. In 1996, the Central propaganda Department, the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, the press and publication administration jointly held a national publishing work Conference, after the relevant policy, including national barcode text books fees waived, number uses an unlimited national, established to support national book publishing book publishing capital. Relevant State departments have also developed policies, to implement national text book press published in taxes "returned after the first" policies.
in 2000, at the initiative of departments such as the Department of press and publication, national 148 publishing unit positive contributions, excellent book publishing funding of national minority is established, raising a total capital of more than 10 million Yuan, to publish fine books. As of 2007, is divided into four batches, published projects funded a total of about 256, involving 36 national characters. Meanwhile, the GAPP also actively encourages the developed area press and publishing house collaborated in the ethnic areas, such as the mainland publishing house and the Tibet people's Publishing House published resource collaborative development in ethnic areas, funded by the publishing house in developed areas and the exclusive risk, share interests on both sides.
2004, for farmers and herdsmen "reading difficult", and "newspaper difficult" this a phenomenon, Central 11th, file proposed has national news published of public Huimin engineering, that by Central and place financial special funding, annual by plans published must number of minority text publications, including books, and newspaper, and journals, and audio and electronic publications, all free issued to Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, 865 a township and 9,584 a villages.
at present, the press and publications Administration intends to rely on the existing national publication layout, focus on the advantages of resources, change the publication status of backward scattered, building State of the art publication compact, unified publishing business, so that the people publishing guarantees nationally publications per capita level. To be in Beijing, Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, Jilin and Sichuan provinces (regions and municipalities) published institutions to rely on in the construction of six publishing base; for Qinghai, Guangxi, Ningxia and other provinces (autonomous regions) construction of villages and towns issue of the Xinhua Bookstore outlets in 1688, 482 482 Xinhua Bookstore at the county level are outfitted with mobile book car.
since 2006, national financial funds earmarked for the establishment of the Special Fund for minority publishing. October 2007, for implementation Central on speed up construction cover society public culture service system, and guarantees people culture interests of requirements, meet minority masses of spirit culture needs, promote Socialist harmony social construction, head, and State Ethnic Affairs Commission, and Treasury, and national tax General, and news published Department joint issued notification, requirements Central and place financial to according to "increased input, and conversion mechanism, and enhanced vitality, and improved service" of approach, increased funds input efforts, Increased subsidies to minority language publications, and has grown year by year. In addition, key West-farm house, Community House, reading and other public service system construction project will be implemented in the border and minority areas.
at present, minority publishing forthcoming public positioning and related measures. Press and publication Administration will further promote minority language publishing unit of publishing system reform, implement preferential fiscal policies, set up special funds for minority language publication, research and developing minority language publishing program, expand the scale of minority language publication, increase the capacity of national published. All this, which makes the publishing industry is facing an unprecedented development opportunity, is bound to have a great role in promoting development of national publication for national publishing industry opens up a broader space for development. BACK