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Green Manufacturing: treasure

Technological progress can always help business success, especially in the paper industry. But for PSI (Printed Specialties Inc) company, that's probably not the case. The company was founded in 1982, is primarily responsible for Colombia records PVC records and production label and album jackets--the irony is that compact disc also came in the same year.
the PSI companies, real blow appeared in 7 years--after Sony's acquisition of Colombia, and Shorewood packaging taken over the production of a record label and album covers. Album is played on phonograph from then on the skids. Greg Smith, President of PSI, said: "we only have two choices: either go out of business or to diversify production. "
now, after more than 20 years, PSI United States one of the largest suppliers of folding cartons, it services market, covering health, beauty, medical, consumer products, video, hardware, software, and entertainment and other fields. Smith to ensure they can fulfill customer orders in 5-6 days, and through lean manufacturing and sustainable development to promote the continued success of the enterprise.
Smith said: "our production is very flexible and one of the main reasons is that we are a very small company, only 48 employees, so action is also a small company's style. All of our decisions are based on the local situation, and ways of cooperation with customers is very flexible, our goal is to become a world class manufacturer. Lean manufacturing help to achieve this goal, we are now able to less waste and faster speed to give us orders. "
PSI company factory covers an area of 40,000 square feet, with 6 color Komori Sheetfed printing machine Bobst die-cutting and folding/gluing machine, Coleman (Kohmann) window patching machine and baolaishi (Brausse) hot stamping/embossing machines and other high-end equipment. Smith claimed that these devices for PSI superior printing quality and super fast speed version played a crucial role.
/> lean manufacturing and environmental protection recently, PSI by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI (sustainable forestry program) certification, because of their use of environmentally friendly printing all from certified forests. FSC and SFI is a leader in forest management in nonprofit organizations, among them, the FSC's popularity in Europe is relatively high, and SFI is more popular in North America. In order to obtain the certification of these organizations, companies like PSI has to allow a third party to their procurement processes and control systems for critical review.
Smith says there are now more and more clients want to use recycled paper to manufacture their own packaging, but the demand is not sufficient to enable the printing plant to replace their paper options. He pointed out: "certified paper use will allow our customers to make their own commitments in the retail packaging. "
Smith explains:" small business hard to use a lot of recycled paper, at least from the point of view is that of folding cartons. You must buy a truckload of recycled paper, and the customer may only use one of 5000 to 6000. Many of our customers are from small and medium enterprises, and even some large enterprises, may also be short live version, therefore, certification of paper is actually a better option than recycling paper. "
a new certification to promote environmentally friendly substrate in a paper factory and customer visibility, and bring higher profits to these users, in particular in the context of the whole industry in the pursuit of sustainable development.
Smith explained: "we want to keep our customers and ourselves see what opportunity is and how to take advantage of these opportunities. These may also be too early to say that now, but you can see a large number of enterprises to join the army of applying for green certification. "
Smith introduce PSI companies in the pursuit of sustainable development, great emphasis on mastery of the details. For example, the companies have been trying to shorten the live parts of the job preparation time, this will not only save the cost of materials, but also can save a lot of time. PSI only the use of volatile organic compounds or low levels of chemicals, and recycle all materials. In addition, they also replaced wooden pallets with plastic tray, and put these wooden pallets into a nearby school desks and chairs.
Smith said: "these are all small things, but is of crucial significance for the sustainable development of the enterprise. In addition, we have also adopted lean production, eliminating all forms of waste. We are a very smart business, not waste should not waste things. ” BACK