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Recipe details:
   "cookbook" the word comes from Latin, meaning "indicates that the memo", this is chef for memo record list. Modern restaurant menus,
for cooks not only look, but also for guests to see. We can be summed up in one sentence: "recipe book is the introduction to the catalogue and in the restaurant. It is the consumption of restaurant
South, is the most important restaurant card.
    1, recipes are food and beverage marketing tool: a specially crafted menu, can make customers feel comfortable, pleasant, and can enable customers to experience restaurant
heart operations, customers are glad to do, glad to order several dishes and recipes can be used to guide the customer to try higher-margin food to increase restaurant
    2, the menu is both art and promotional materials: recipes are undoubtedly restaurant advertising, a beautifully produced Cookbook will not only improve gas
dining atmosphere, better reflect the style of restaurant, guests were very impressed with something to listed in the recipe. Some recipes even can be considered a work of art,
for people to appreciate and as a souvenir, gives guests a wonderful dining experience.
    3, the recipe is the bridge of communication between the consumer and the reception: consumers through the menu to choose the favorite dishes, and reception staff through recipe recommended
the signature dish of the restaurant, through the menu to start a conversation between the two, to exchange information, form a good model for bi-directional communication.
    4, menu restaurant dishes of the operating characteristics and standard: food items on the menu, beverage variety, price and quality, can show restaurant business characteristics and level of
, left for good and deep impression.
as a high-end food place, a beautifully produced, the recipes tend to increase the appetite of customers with unique design, odours, and Wang Shengjin.

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